Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Breivik foreshadows native backlash and future civil war in Europe

For quite some time now I have been saying that there will be a backlash against Islam in Europe coming from the natives. The bombing and shootings in Norway by Ankers Breivik were quite insane but many simply agree with Breivik’s views about the Islamic threat to the European culture.

Breivik is aware that the Marxists who took over Europe are destroying Europe with their multiculturalism. Breivik understands that the Far Left is the cause of the Islamic problem in Europe and that is why he targeted them rather than targeting the Muslims. Breivik had a drugged manic mind that seemed to have become trapped in the virtual reality games that he became obsessed with. In his psychosis he became the Knight Templar hero that would lead Europe into a new empire.
The Islamic threat to Europe came because of the Marxist political polices of the ruling elite. Therefore, Breivik tried to kill the leftist Labor Party leader of Norway and he attacked a political youth camp where the sons and daughters of the ruling elite and future leaders were being programed in leftist political correctness. So there was a logical method in his madness. He also made sure that he would be taken alive when he surrendered passively to the police. In his game plan he would become the imprisoned leader that had the manifesto and the public platform for the revolution that he believed his actions would start.
Breivik believes there has to be a civil war to stop Islam from taking over the Christian culture of Europe and in his mind he believed that his actions would start the war against those pushing multiculturalism. He is wrong; his own actions will not start a civil war. Nevertheless, a future civil war is coming to Europe and in certain ways Brivik foreshadows a type of nationalism that will rise in Europe. The natives and the Muslim immigrants will war against each other; that outcome becomes inevitable as the Muslim population increases.
It is evident that the natives in Europe are becoming increasingly fed up with the failed multiculturalism experiment in Europe. Muslims will not assimilate into the native cultures and instead they are hostile toward the European pseudo Christian natives and their cultures. The majority in Europe now want Muslim immigration into Europe to cease and they want Muslims presently in Europe to either adopt the native culture or to go back from wherever they came.
I lived in Oslo Norway for a couple of years about thirty-five years ago. In those days the only significant foreign presence in Norway were those assigned to NATO. I never even encountered a Muslim while I was living there. When I lived in Oslo one could go anywhere and feel perfectly safe; violent crime was almost non existent. Now that the Muslims have come, I can only imagine what certain parts of Oslo are like. There are probably parts of the city now where even the police hesitate to go, especially since they usually are not armed.
The people in Norway have gone so liberal that no crime gets anyone more than 21 years in prison. Also, their prisons are country clubs compared to ours.
I find that those in the press that identified Brivik as a Christian are either totally ignorant or they are purposely deceptive liars with their own agenda. Brivik’s views are not Christian and he does not practice Christianity at all. The rules he follows, in his own words, are logic and pragmatism. From what I know about Oslo Norway all the true Christians living their could probably fit in a Volkswagen bus. Even the state run church in Oslo is almost unattended except for some customary infant baptism, marriage and funeral rituals.
Most Norwegians actually believe that Christianity is their culture rather than a faith. In Brivik’s own manifesto he says that he doubts that God exists and also says that belief in God or Christ is not required for the “Christian” culture that he wants Europeans to fight for. He also is hostile to those that actually believe the fundamentals of the Christian faith. So how than can anyone identify Brivik as a Christian without deliberately lying?
All across Europe the natives are increasingly growing restless. Understandably, they want their countries back. There are rising right wing movements in many nations in Europe, but right now, the parties that caused the problem still rule. Even so, the movement toward the right will continue and Europe will change in the future.
The leaders of countries in Europe have said that multiculturalism has failed. Even so, they do not know what to do about it. The reality is that they have put in place the ingredients for a civil war. All that it will take to set off this time bomb in Europe is a few more terrorist attacks. Those attacks will come, and the reaction from the native Right will change the European governments radically. That is when the real purge of Islam from Europe begins.
By Don Koenig

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