Monday, 5 March 2012

The Islamization of Europe, The 3rd Jihad.

Brutal Political murders, corruption at the highest levels of law enforcement, artists murdered in the street simply for expressing themselves, constant bomb attacks, shootings, honour killings, outspoken public figures live in hiding and under armed protection for fear of death, Segregation and religiously divided ghetto's, Apartheid style no entry area's and slums. You are probably thinking i am talking about some sort of central African dictatorship, A war torn country in the middle east, A battle scared state in Southern Russia or maybe even the Arab spring?

Wrong, this is Europe, 2012!

Islam is infiltrating the European continent and finding no obstacles at an uncontrollable rate, Religious bigotry, hatred, Anti-Semetism and a violent hatred against Israel and anybody who dares to speak out against Islam is allowed to flourish openly. In countries such as France, Sweden, Denmark, the UK and the Netherlands, Islamic Ghetto's and slums are appearing all over the map. These area's are typically no entry for the native population and the police force as they are a hub of crime and completely uncontrollable, many inhabitants do not pay tax but collect state benefits.

A Muslim police of Chief in the UK, Ali Dizaei AKA "Scotland Yard's Teflon Commander" or "The police playboy", loved to play the race card to intimidate his critics, but he will never wear a police uniform again after finally receiving a three-year sentence for misconduct in a public office and perverting the course of justice. For nearly three decades, Ali considered himself above the law in a career littered with lies, sickening threats to women and old-fashioned corruption. Yesterday the Scotland Yard’s ‘Teflon Commander’ was convicted for the second time of framing an innocent man and sent back to jail. Sickening Police corruption like this is rise throughout the EU.

In one specific country, Holland, A politician and critic of Islam named Pim Fortuyn was shot dead a day before the Dutch elections by a man who stated "He was standing up for Dutch Muslims". A director/artist called Theo Van Gogh, also a strong critic of Islam, made a short film called submission, which highlighted the mistreatment of women under Islam, due to him making this film he was murdered by an Islamic fanatic in the street and stabbed through the chest with a knife, a Fatwa was attached to the murder weapon, It stated that the main actress in the film, Ayaan Hirsi Ali (A Somalian born critic of Islam) was next to be murdered, she has lived under police protection ever since and was forced to flee Holland. A current Dutch politician is also under armed protection for fear of his life, His name is Geert Wilders, and yes, you guessed it, he is a critic of Islam too.

Cities such as London, Madrid, Paris and Glasgow have all suffered blood thirsty Islamic bomb attacks, Countless brutal Islamic honour killings have occurred across Europe and a string of religiously aggravated attacks, primarily Muslim Christian or Muslim on Jew, have occurred, with many being unreported.

Below is a series of short videos to give an example of some of the countries in Europe that are suffering Islamization at its worst:







Many more countries in Europe are suffering the same fate but unfortunately i cannot list them all here.

Something must be done about this problem before it becomes to late, it is 5 minutes to 12 in Europe, this is an epidemic, we do not have any time too waste.

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