Thursday, 22 March 2012

Mohammed Merah is dead

An 8 year old Jewish girl, named Miriam, She was not caught in the crossfire, She was not a human shield. She tried to run away from the Mohammed Merah. But he caught her by her hair, yanked her head back, pointed the gun at her temple while looking at her, then pulled the trigger, all of this which he caught on camera.

The murders of the four Jews in Toulouse was not just some bizarre out of the blue event, It was a merciless, planned, Islamic hate fuelled bloodbath.

The Typical mob of appeasers and Leftist traitors screamed "Nazis!", and he most certainly was, But not the type the left were hoping for, it turns out the mohammad coefficient on this one is 100%. I think it is time to have a close look at his manifesto, the Koran!


I also noticed that most of people who cried their hearts out to the Communist Labour youth (Hitler Youth 2011) killed by Anders Breivik in Norway last year, have absolutely nothing to say or condemn about the killing of Jewish children in France, Their silence is deafening.

Muhammed Merah was killed earlier today after a raging gun battle with armed French Police, He was killed by a gunshot to the head and falling from his bathroom window, He should be arriving at the gates of hell to join Muhammed as we speak!

My biggest fear is that although one sub human killer is dead, how many more of these Islam fuelled killers are on the loose and planning more attrocities in Europe?

Toulouse has proved that we can never surrender to Islam in Europe, Is this what awaits us when we are over run by Islam? We are free men and women today, tommorow and forever in Europe, No Surrender!

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