Friday, 9 March 2012

European Counter-Jihad Demonstration in Denmark

Anti-Islamic groups from across Europe are going to hold a rally in Aarhus, Denmark on the 31st of March, the European defence leagues have announced.

According to a statement on Facebook by the Danish chapter: Danske Defence League (DDL), the various counter-Jihad organisations are organising the rally to highlight “such topics as sharia law, halal and the rapidly increasing Islamification of our countries”.

The rally in Aarhus will be the first major gathering of the defence leagues and its European network of supporters.

“We’re hoping this will be the launch of a wider European Defence League,” a spokesperson for the Swedish Defence League (SDL) told a British newspaper “I hope that we can all show that there is a large resistance against Islamisation of Europe, that we can inspire each other.”

The  groups have their democratic right to demonstrate peacefully, as long as the police approve the plans.

Violence could be on the horizon at the rally this March, after Freedom opposing and Islamic appeasing "anti-fascist" organisations have stated their intention to attend and disrupt the protest.

“We can't let this go unnoticed,” Sarah Bruun, from umbrella organisation Antiracistisk Netværk, told left-wing news Modkraft. “It’s important to send a clear message that there are many of us who don’t share their message.”

While sometimes blame for the violence can be pinned on both sides, the joint secretary of the hate filled "Unite Against Fascism" in the UK, Weyman Bennett, was arrested and charged with conspiracy to organise violent disorder after an EDL demonstration in Bolton.

Speakers will include:
Anders Gravers (S.I.O.E)
Tommy Robinson (English Defence League)
elisabeth sabaditsch-wolff (Gates of Vienna)
Pavel Cherny (S.I.O.E)
Ronny Alte (Norwegian Defence League)
Kasper Mortensen (Danish Defence League)
Mimosa DeDanaan (Finnish Defence League)
Isak Nygren (Swedish Defence League)
Rene Buller and Czeslaw Kacmarczyk (Polish Defence League)
And others!

Task Force Europa will be attending the Arhus demonstration with our brothers ans sisters in arms and we hope to bring you full coverage of the event.

If you can attend this event please do, Islamic threats of violence have proved we all need too stand together as brothers and sisters, The liberation of Europe from Islamic Forces begins here!

United we Stand, Divided we Fall, No Surrender! Victis Honor!

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