Friday, 9 March 2012

UK: Man Jailed for Anti-Islam Images in His Window

See Task Force Europa Comments in Red:

A British man who plastered his front window with anti-Islamic hate literature has been jailed for one year.

Darren Conway, was given a 12-months' sentence at Lincoln Crown Court.

When Muslims burned a poppy on remembrance day in the UK, They were given a £50 fine (paid for by the taxpayer) and allowed to go free.

The court was told on Tuesday that carer Conway had covered the front window of his flat  with 17 anti-Islamic photographs and posters.

Many were offensive, attacking both the prophet Mohammed and the Muslim religion.

I am offended by Mohammed's actions, I am offended that he is glorified yet he was a peadophile and a war criminal, I am offended by the actions committed in the name of Islam all over the world!

Conway, had denied displaying the religiously aggravated hate material last year

But he was convicted following a short trial earlier this year, when sentencing was postponed for reports to be prepared.

Judge Michael Heath told Conway: "To describe the material you put in your window as grossly offensive is an understatement."

What about the actions of Muslims all over the UK in the past year, were they not offensive enough for you, Mr Judge?

"There is no place in a civilised society for conduct of that sort and the only sentence I can justify for it is an immediate custodial sentence."

There is no place for Islam or praise of a peadophile, war mongerer and rapist like Mohammed in a civilised society!

Christopher Lowe, prosecuting, said that Conway, was caught after a member of the public complained to police.

"Later that day police attended the premises and found 17 posters and images in the front window in full public view," said Mr Lowe.

"The majority of the displayed posters and images were undoubtedly offensive to the Islamic faith.

Good, It is called "a taste of their own medicine"

"Conway was arrested at the scene and taken into police custody.

"He appeared to make out that those posters were, more or less, an opportunity to get back at his landlord. He was trying to justify them on a political and religious basis."

Tony Stanton, in mitigation, said Conway appeared to have displayed the material as part of an ongoing dispute with his landlord.

He said Conway had no history of similar offending and spent much of his time caring for his elderly father.

"This defendant involves himself in regular activity such as shopping for his father. That person would suffer should he lose his liberty."

So the man protests inside his own home against Islam and due to the corrupt powers at be his severely ill father must suffer.

"His father has suffered multiple strokes and cannot get out," said Mr Stanton.

British Justice? You have failed!

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