Friday, 9 March 2012

Ex-Muslim Threatened by Spanish Police for his plans to Burn the Quran

Imran Firasat is a Pakistani-born ex-Muslim, He now resides in Spain, He recently created huge controversy by petitioning the Spanish government to ban the Quran because of its violent and hate filled verses and content. He is now in the spotlight again. This time, it is over his plan to burn the Quran.

Imran Firasat
According to Imran, in his next step to stop Islamization of the world, he declared to the media and informed the government that he would burn the Quran publicly in Madrid. He said, he wants to burn the Quran to draw people’s attention to the fact that it is a violent book which is completely incompatible with our modern Western society.”

Naturally, Imran is receiving a huge number of death threats from Muslims. And the Spanish police also summoned him and threatened that if he proceeds with the burning of the Quran, they will prosecute him for hurting the religious feelings of Muslims.

The police also told him: "Why don’t you just leave Spain, go somewhere else and burn the Quran?”
Imran maintains that his actions are not intended to hurt the feelings of Muslims, "but I am taking an action that seems to me necessary against a book that gives the messages of the jihad, to kill, spread hatred, bring violence and discrimination and that in no sense is compatible with the Spanish or Western regulation".

Despite the threats of prosecution and likely deportation by the Spanish police, Imran said: "I will continue my fight against Islam. I will burn Quran publicly. No matter even if I get killed. The fight against Islam needs sacrifices.”

The Spanish Authourities should be ashamed of themselves, Spain is a country that was occupied by Islamic forces through the centuries and suffered many battles and bloodshed trying to regain the country, yet they now surrender to Islamic crocodile tears. Anybody who is determined too see through the death threats, danger and hatred that comes part and parcel with leaving Islam and then openly burn the Quran in protest despite threats by the corrupt authorities deserves huge respect, best of luck, Imran!

If you would like too know more about Imran, here is his website:

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