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Islamization of Europe and Policies to Prevent It, (Part 2 of 2)

4.3.1. Background Among the methods to control a girl in certain Muslim families in order to be able to deliver her as a certified virgin to a certain husband often chosen by the family, we find the following components: female genital mutilation (used mainly by certain nationalities; its basic goal is to remove interest in the opposite sex, and also to influence the girl’s temper, i.e. making her more docile); religious indoctrination; strict control of dress and behavior; isolation regarding her social life; very early engagement and/or marriage; physical and violent methods to punish, and - as the final and extreme method - honour murder to uphold the authority of the father or family against a disobedient girl.

Such habits are based on the general view of women in the Quran. Besides its impact regarding girls, the view has concrete consequences for women in form of e.g. sharia rules regarding guardianship, wife beating, polygamy, the way of divorce (wife banishing), divorce rules regarding property and child custody etc, rules of inheritance, status as witness a s o. It is possible to describe it as gender apartheid. Such a low valuation of women established at the core of Islam makes it necessary to apply strict rules to break the habits and counter the reactionary opinions which Muslim immigrants to Europe often have.

4.3.2. Important Principles and Issues that shall be realized in a European country
The European view is that true honour belongs to individuals, not to collectives such as families, clans or tribes. An individual's honour is determined by his/her actions, and sexual behavior is seldom an important part of true honour. Girls and women do not represent the honour of a family, and are not the property of the family.

Girls/women have the same value as individuals as boys/men, and have the same rights in all respects. This rule - applied rigorously in all matters - will influence the family life of Muslims thoroughly. To have the same rights in all respects means e g that girls and women are allowed to decide in all matters like boys or men do, to do the same things in life, and get the same education as they. It is a goal for the society that Muslim girls and women will reach the same educational and income levels and show the same frequency of work as women generally in that country. This equality will have far-reaching consequences regarding the balance of power inside Muslim groups generally, and inside Muslim families specifically.

Female Genital Mutilation is forbidden at any age, and shall be criminalized. Despite its origin in ethnic habits, it could probably not have survived without the unspoken support of a religion that says it wants to control all phases of life. It can probably be defined as a hate crime today. The state shall inspect girls below the age of 15 years to control the observance of this law.

The veil: It is a matter of interpretation if the veil is prescribed in the Quran. It was earlier not in widespread use in many Muslim countries. However, the veil has now been transformed into a uniform showing that one belongs to a rigid form of Islam. A veil therefore shows that the woman belongs to the faith that aspires to keep its female members separate from the rest of the society, and that the rules of that society shall be changed.

A veil also shows a backward and unacceptable view of the human body in that it regards hair as mainly sexual. It is a small but important part among many measures which forces women to accept a certain gender and sexual role, and therefore certain behaviour. It is also a part of the gender apartheid that takes away the individual freedom from girls and women only because of their sex. A veil shows her inferior status connected to her sex. The veil takes away the individuality from a woman for the benefit of the collectivism in a tribal society.

Cloths which are tools to intimidate women into certain gender roles and also to show Muslim power, are treated as political uniforms and shall therefore be forbidden. If they are not forbidden, all Muslim girls will sooner or later be forced to carry the veil because of the pressure and mutilation threats from Islamists. As a first proposal, veils should be forbidden for girls until they are 18 years old, and thus are free to determine the issue themselves. Manners to dress which conceal a larger part of the face of the woman (niqab) of any age are forbidden. If there is a political/religious pressure on women to dress in a certain manner, such a uniform shall be forbidden for everybody.

Parents which prevent their children or girls to meet non-Muslims in daily life because of their religion or lack of it, show a behavior that is deplorable. More research is needed to establish if and how that behavior shall be counteracted more firmly. Religious schools may have to be forbidden.

The state shall offer anonymity and protected places to live for girls who must leave their families because of the oppressive and violent behaviour by parents and family members. Muslim girls are given priority regarding protection and support against unacceptable treatment by their families. Crimes committed against girls inside families shall be given priority by local prosecutors.

A woman has no legal guardian after reaching an age of 18 years, and her family or relatives have then no right to decide for her.

Girls are not allowed to be betrothed or given into marriage before 18 years of age. It is solely the decision of the female whom she wants to marry. To force (or try to force) a woman to marry another person shall be criminalized, and such marriages are invalid.

It is a criminal offence for parents who are citizens of a specific country or have permanent residence in that country, to leave daughters under 18 years of age, in other countries in order for them to marry there.
Moslem women have the same right to marry non-Muslim men as to marry Muslim men. To act against a marriage between a Muslim woman and a non-Muslim man because of religion, is a hate crime. To preach publicly against such marriages is a hate crime.

Polygamy is strictly forbidden in all European countries, and such marriages when they exist, are not legal in the country. However, there is certain evidence that polygamy exists to some degree, and that the authorities look the other way. The crime shall be given priority by Social Administration officials and local prosecutors.
Physical violence against women is never acceptable inside or outside the family. Muslim women shall be given all necessary protection and support in case of assault and battery by their husbands. Such crimes shall be given priority by local prosecutors.

Murder of a female as part of a so-called honour killing is a very serious violation of human rights and constitutes a hate crime. To influence a girl to commit suicide (because of religious rules) is a similar crime. Direct or indirect participation in, or inspiration to, an honour murder is a hate crime. All suicides by Moslem girls and women shall be investigated thoroughly because of the possibility of an honour murder.

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