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Shameful MPACUK: "Is your MP a Zionist"

The vile self-styled, self-appointed, self-absorbed Muslim Public Affairs Committee (Islamist version of the BNP although seen within the Muslim community as being relatively moderate), Have listed Labour, Conservative and Liberal Democrat MPs and prospective MPs who are members of their respective Conservative/Labour/Lib Dem Friends of Israel.

here is a video MPACUK made, The description says: "This is how all Zionists (Yahud) behave, May God crush them and cast their bones into the sea", The tags in the video contain vile anti-Semetic slurs such as "Jew whores, Nazi, SS, Hitler, Evil Jew and others" MPACUK show their true colours:

Without even defining the term, analysing any statements or even bothering to mention the fact that some of these politicians also happen to be members of various ‘Friends of Palestine’ groups, MPAC suggests that they are somehow ‘enemies of Islam’ merely by virtue of expressing friendship towards Israel.

They even single out the Conservative candidate for Harrow East, Bob Blackman, as a ‘strong supporter’ of Conservative Friends of Israel, though there is no indication, other than his attendance at a recent Conservative Friends of Israel reception, of why he is ‘stronger’ than, say Robert Halfon.

Foolishly, they omit the name of David Cameron, who, while apparently not a member of Conservative Friends of Israel, is one of the few who has stated unequivocally that he is a Zionist, expressed pride that he is, and helpfully expounded what he means by the term.

Moreover, he has also said that his belief in Israel is ‘very deep’ inside of him and ‘indestructible’.

By expressing his love for Israel, Mr Cameron gave his unequivocal imprimatur to the Conservative Friends of Israel, to the accomplishments of Lord Balfour, and to the Christian Zionist movement. When he spoke of ‘the right of Israel to exist, to defend itself and to live in peace and security’, he affirmed not only the Jewish national homeland but also the unique contribution that Judaism has made to the culture and history of all mankind.

It sounds as though MPAC might have omitted a ‘strong supporter’ of Zionism, which is quite an omission considering he is likely to be the next prime minister.

But without any context, commentary or explanation for publishing this list of names, one is left to infer that MPAC are conveying a (not-so-)subliminal message to the Ummah that Muslims ought not to vote (at the very least) for these politicians.

Especially the ‘strong’ ones.

I you want to understand MPAC’s take on Zionism, have a look at their article on the ‘Zionist scam’.

With a description which could have been lifted directly from The Protocols of the Elders of Zion, they refer to Zionists as ‘the masters of human psychology and propaganda’ who have used their mysterious enlightened knowledge ‘to devastating effect’.

We are told that the Zionists’ principal weapon of defence is ‘the slur “anti-Semite", by which they ‘neutralise’ the enemy. And so the ‘Zionists get lots of access and pro-Palestinian Muslims get none. The perfect gag with no clues left behind, no finger prints, no need to march, no need to burn flags, or riot to silence the opposition…. it’s almost genius’.

Zionism, they aver, is a ‘scam’. The cry of anti-Semitism is ‘an old trick that Zionists have used against Muslims for some time now.’

And they conclude:

‘The Jewish community, thanks to many of them adopting the evil political ideology of Zionism, has a large amount of Islamophobia and Muslim-hatred within it.’

Observe the ease with which they segue from Zionists and Israel to ‘the Jewish community’.

And then they exhort Muslim groups to ‘stop either hiding or apologising and start to go on the offensive’ which sounds like a threat too me because what might these ‘backward Muslim groups’ to which they refer understand by the incitement to ‘go on the offensive’?

The comment thread assists:

Zionists are the biggest anti-semites as they have for the last 60 years murdered-tortured and humiliated millions of arab semites daily.

Millions of Arabs are not killed by Israel daily, that is just an insane fact they have pulled out of the hat to infuriate Muslims, No mention of the slaughter of Arabs in Syria, The mass slaughter, abduction and torture of Muslims in Chechnya, Ingushetia, Dagestan by the Russian Federal Forces? No, They pick on Israel because they are small, they know their voice is powerless against countries like Russia and they do not criticise Syria because it would appear that as long as it Arabs or Muslims committing atrocities it is ok with them, The recent slaughter of Black Africans in Libya has also gone unnoticed and ignored.

They are the biggest racists and bigots when Jews from anywhere in the world can come and live in occupied Palestine yet millions of Palestinians refugees have no right of return.

Killing innocent people and stealing their land and harvesting their organs is the worst type of anti-Semitism and it is encouraged by and actioned by the state of Israel. Israel is the most anti-Semitic rogue terrorist state out there.

It preys on the Semite Palestinians so get your facts right you Zionist apologist.

Pathetic, isn't it?

So, while incidences of anti-Semitism increase exponentially in the UK; while Coptic Christians continue to be slaughtered and persecuted; while plucky little Israel is assailed by every Gentile nation on earth, and even presently by the United States of America; while the building and dedication of synagogues even in ‘democratic’ Egypt are limited; it is only in Jerusalem that Zionism may be understood, appreciated and celebrated.

Israel has just completed the rebuilding of one of the most symbolically important synagogues in history. The Hurva was in its time not only the tallest Jewish landmark in Jerusalem and an architectural archetype for synagogues around the world; it was also a forum for public assemblies: ‘In that synagogue the city's Jews held a memorial service for Queen Victoria; celebrated the coronation of King George V; thrilled to the orations of such Zionist leaders as Theodor Herzl and Zeev Jabotinsky; and, in 1942, conducted a mass prayer service for the victims of Hitler's genocide.’

‘The reconstruction of this most storied of Jerusalem's synagogues may or may not be attended by a failure of imagination or by the pious illusion that the original still stands. What is clear is that the inauguration of the old-new Hurva — twice destroyed, and now twice rebuilt — represents a deep and irrepressible Israeli urge to heal and rebuild, not in order to obscure memory but to preserve it.’

This expresses something of the essence of Zionism.

But Zionism, according to MPACUK, is an ‘evil political ideology’.

You all know the cries of outrage and squeals of ‘Islamophobia and Anti-Muslim bigot’ if a Jewish group or, actually, a group of any non-Islamic faith were to publish a website article listing all the members of political ‘Friends of Palestine’ groups, leaving us to infer that the Palestinian cause is somehow amoral and these politicians are not worthy of our votes?

Dare one suggest that Islamophobia does not actually exist, or is 'a scam'; that it is merely a slur by Islamists to ‘neutralise’ the opposition in order to further a political agenda?

MPACUK is a bigoted, racist and brainwashed group that should be banned under UK law.

Thank you for reading and please share this post to help expose MPACUK and spread our voice, Thank you.

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